Rand proves I don’t exist.

Rand’s philosophy proves there is no word for “me”.

According to Rand’s philosophy of Objectivism:

Pg 12: Every word we use… …is a symbol that denotes a concept…

Pg 11: A concept is a mental integration of two or more units…

Pg 7: A unit is an existent regarded as a separate member of a group of two or more similar members.

Pg 6: …an “existent” – something which exists.

According to Rand’s philosophy, there must be two of anything before we can have a concept of it or a word for it. Therefore, according to her philosophy, there can be no words for single things.

For example, there is only one of me. There is only one sky. There is only one sun and one moon. None of these things could have a word or a concept according to Rand’s philosophy until another sun, moon, sky or me was discovered. Then only the similarities would be the basis of a concept or word (Pg. 17). My individuality would not be part of that concept.

Therefore, Rand proves “I” do not exist.

Ayn Rand, Introduction to Objectivist Epistemology, New American Library, Mentor edition, 1979.


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