AynRandisDead.org presents a series of essays analyzing the written work of Ayn Rand.

The goal is not to prove Rand’s theories are incorrect. The goal is

A) to present the contradictions within her writing

B) to present the contradictions between her and other essayists she promoted

C) to present the contradictions within the essays by others she promoted

D) to present the contradictions between her and the people she disagreed with. Usually no position is taken as to who is correct, so if Rand disagrees with Einstein, this site presents the disagreement to allow the reader to judge.

E) to present the manipulative, unfair or irrational rhetorical devises she uses in her essays, including Rand’s misrepresentation of the ideas she disagrees with.

To accomplish these goals, the intent is to “fairly and accurately” present the writings of Rand and her compatriots. If mis-quoting or misrepresentation of Rand’s ideas occurs, it is unintentional and will be corrected if pointed out by commenters.

Comments, critical or supportive, are gratefully accepted; however, only comments regarding the facts or conclusions within the posts will be answered. General discussion of politics or social issues is not the purpose of the site.

It may be that presenting the contradictions in Rand’s work “proves” her theories are incorrect. So be it, the reader can judge.

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